I think one thing people want the most out of life is to be happy! I believe happiness is largely an inside job, meaning when we're happy with ourselves that spills over into the rest of our life!  But there are also other things that contribute to our happiness...at least for me so likely for you too!

Here you'll find resources to help you improve your health, your mindset and your home!  I'll be adding more content every month so be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get notified when new stuff is added!

Below are a list of ALL the guides, recipe ebooks, and courses offered here at The Savvy Girl Life.  You can browse them all or use the Categories section above to find exactly what you're looking for!!

#SavvyGirlStrong Challenge Commitments

This guide outlines the 6 challenge commitments and gives you some tips for success!

#SavvyGirlStrong Tracker

This 16 page guide includes meal planning pages, weekly checklists for the 6 commitments, goal setting sheets and more!
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101 Ways to Get More Organized

If clutter is taking over your life, grab this guide to get 101 simple things to do to begin organizing your life!

All About Running

Ever think "there's no way I could ever run a 5k" or curious about what benefits there are to running...this running bundle is  for you!

Personal Growth Guide

Tips to make the most of what you read and listen to as well as a categorized list of my favorite books, podcasts and apps!

Healthy Holiday Tips & Recipes

The holiday season is all about family, friends, fun and food! This FREE guide will help you stay on track!

Healthy Eating for Busy Mamas

If you're looking for some simple tips and ways to eat healthy, be sure to grab this guide!  Its a perfect introduction to get started with!

Simple Healthy Desserts

Learn basics of why refined sugar is a no-no, tips on tackling that sweet tooth, natural sweetener alternatives, and how to stay on track!

Back to School Meals, Snacks & More

Need some healthy meal ideas to send your kids back to school!  These guides will help you create meals your kids will love!

Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eating

If you want to lose weight, be healthy and have a long-term sustainable eating program this ebook is for you!
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Healthy Eating on a Budget

If cost is coming between you and your healthy eating habits, I’m here to help with some awesome tips on how to eat well for your wallet.

Eat your Greens Recipe Booklet

Craving something GREEN..check out these delicious and nutritious green recipes!

Goal Setting for 2020

If you set your goals for 2020 properly, you have more chances to succeed! Let me help you with this guide to setting and achieving goals!